The Agile Orthopedics Philosophy

Agile Orthopedics is Colorado’s innovative mobile prosthetic and orthotic practice, providing patients with convenient in-home or on-site services.

We created our mobile healthcare model with our patients at the top of mind. Everything we do is centered around patient experience: your convenience, your needs, and your comfort.

Agile's Process


It starts with what you need.

Where are you and what do you hope to achieve with your mobility?

We take care of the rest.

Our team of experts will work to create highly customized, individualized prosthetics unique to your needs. All of our prosthesis are handmade in Colorado ensuring that our homegrown products are tailored exactly to your specifications.

Agile Ortho Employee Working

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Prosthetic Technology

Agile Orthopedics believes in using the most appropriate technology, based on your mobility goals and daily needs. We are trained to work with 3D scanners and printers, which help improve device precision and outcomes. Agile team members have advanced training and experience with both lower and upper extremity prosthetic devices. Agile Orthopedics offers Advanced Adjustable Socket Technology

Orthotic Services

Agile Orthopedics provides complex custom orthotic services which range from microprocessor devices to custom made spinal devices. They also provide support for burns and wounds.

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Agile Kids

Agile's team of trained practitioners, with specializations in pediatrics, go above and beyond to ensure every Agile Kid has the most advanced and appropriate device for their age and activity level. As a child grows and progresses through treatment, their orthoses and prostheses may be redesigned to encourage different types of movement that are essential to their development.

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Agile Academy

Agile Academy provides continuing education for a variety of medical professionals. The curriculum is designed to be relevant to anyone who wants to learn the basics or dive deeper into clinical outcomes on specific conditions.


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We see you where you are.

We travel far and wide to meet the needs of each patient. And if we can’t make it to you, we will make sure that we refer you to someone who will meet your needs with the same level of care as we provide. 

See our current locations we serve along with our team member’s information for each region.

Agile Ortho Service Areas in Colorado Map

Some of the insurance carriers we are in-network with

We are always updating our relationships with insurance providers.  Drop us a line to verify coverage.
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