Why Mobile Healthcare?

Agile Employee in Van

We remove barriers to your rehabilitation by making our innovative and advanced care convenient and accessible.

Access to transportation is not only one of the largest barriers to general healthcare, but is typically the top barrier faced by individuals with disabilities seeking services.

Agile Orthopedic CEO and Founder, Eric Neufeld, recognized a 50+% appointment cancellation and no-show rate while working in a traditional prosthetic and orthotic office. Most, if not all, cancellations were due to limited transportation access.

Eric Neufeld believes that mobile prosthetics is the “right thing to do” and founded Agile Orthopedics as the only mobile prosthetic and orthotic provider in Colorado. Since inception in 2016, Agile has served thousands of patients all over Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

Once seen as an added benefit for patients, mobile care is no longer just a nice to have, but a critical element in cohesive and comprehensive patient care.

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